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I love to sample new products.  When I walk into a department store I want to try EVERYTHING! I test things in the store but without being able to properly cleanse my skin or apply with my own brushes or spray on without all the other scents it is almost impossible, for me, to get a full sense of everyday use of any product. I will ask for samples and have them made for me but usually just two or three at a time. I purchase the product sampler and value sets to get as many different brands of any product to try as possible.

Occasionally, I find that diamond in the rough, the product I absolutely must have in a full size. I have one moisturizer and a leave in conditioner that nothing else I try can compare but one beauty product that I can’t get enough of in variety is perfume. I love collections of miniature bottles or roller-balls that are offered because there are so many varieties in one little box. I spend a significant amount of time waiting on sales people to make me samples of ones not included in the ready-made sets.

Online shopping is amazing. In line waiting for my morning coffee, I shop on my phone; or at my desk at work, I shop on my lunch hour. Even in bed on my laptop, I search for samples. Fragrance is one of my favorite products. Scent sets the mood. I have more full size bottles of fragrance than I care to admit. At department store sales counters, all the scents begin to smell the same after a few are sprayed. I like to smell a fragrance over time, to let the scent evolve through the day. I want to make sure I really love it. I have found that very hard to do without obtaining at least a vial of the perfume to take home and sometimes I would like a little more of some scents. With all the sampling and shopping that I do, I have found it most difficult to obtain significant samples of all the fragrances I would like to try. I have shelves of my own of full size bottles I purchased just to be able to really try them only to be disappointed after wearing only a few times.

Being a crazy, shopaholic and sample-a-holic  is what lead to the creation of I thought how wonderful it would be to take home (or have delivered) a small sample of every fragrance behind the department store counter. Even more fantastic would be to be able to select what size sample I would like of each. To have somewhere to go and get all the new fragrances each season in a sample size to try before spending my entire paycheck on full size bottles would be a dream.

I have seen the niche decant stores selling decanted fragrances but those sites still didn’t offer what I wanted. I understand, now more than ever probably, that niche perfumery is an art and that the bar for quality and individuality of these fragrances is set quite high. was not originally developed with the niche fragrance collector in mind. The creation of this site was from the mind and the heart of an avid shopper that loves samples. That said, since diving into this perfume decant world, I have begun my journey into niche fragrance. Niche perfumes are amazing, unique and beautifully crafted. Since I am new to this world, if you stick with me (and maybe even help guide me) you will see over time the addition of more and more niche fragrance.

I will always maintain my original purpose of this site which is to keep up to date with the designer and department store selections. I will continue to add and expand these selections each season (as well as enjoy them!).

I love to sample. I love perfume. I created this site for all those that feel the same.

About MyPerfumeSamples

The #1 source for decanted perfume samples, top fragrances, and vintage colognes. 100% guaranteed genuine designer brands.
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3 Responses to Shop for Perfume Samples Here!

  1. margaret says:

    i love the fact that someone created a site for the average woman, like myself, who can afford luxuries only sometimes, or on special occasions. Thanx, i love you.

  2. Richard Marcic says:

    I am a newbie collector. Bless the day that I found your website. Now I can try so may whithout breaking the bank. Your delivery service is phenomenal. I will be a constant customer. I hope you are succesful and stay in business

  3. Fastidious answers in return of this difficulty with solid arguments and telling everything about

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