The Summer Olympics are here!

The Olympics are filled with athletes that have sincere motivation to their sport and enough energy to keep them going to reach the gold! Watching them, I am inspired to just jump on over to the gym and get in a quick workout session while watching these amazing athletes do their “job”. I know that the motivation while watching the Olympics is not going to last very long. What do great athletes do to keep their motivation going and their blood pumping? Maybe it’s that certain special fragrance that keeps their mind and body determined and motivated. It makes me wonder what type of fragrances would an Olympian wear? My first thought would be that they must be wearing the sport perfumes and colognes. Maybe they are going with something such as Polo Sport Extreme by Ralph Lauren for men or Liz Sport by Liz Claiborne for women.

But what if the athletes go in an entirely different direction? I bet I can guess just what direction that is … it’s citrus scents! Studies show that citrus scents, like lemon and orange, can pep up your mood and give you that long lasting energy. Choose an energizing scent with lemon and orange such as Versace by Man Eau Fraiche by Versace for men, Prada Milano Infusion D’Iris by Prada for women, or Elizabeth Arden Green Tea that will keep you aiming high for that next gold metal.
Not everyone craves citrus, what if you are the person that enjoys something a little more floral or traditional. Try CK One by Calvin Klein for women, Guilty by Gucci for men, Joop! Homme Summer Ticket by Joop! for men, or Acqua Di Gio by Giorgio Armani for women! These fragrances have jasmine in them which improves your mental performance giving you that long lasting motivation that you’ll need to complete any obstacle in front of you. gives you the opportunity to sample the fragrances that might be best for you. You can try out all sorts of different fragrances at the gym before committing to that perfect fragrance that will get you to the gold!

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