Britney Spears Fantasy the Remix: Naughty vs. Nice


“Fantasy is truly an unforgettable scent. Remixing the original notes to create new fantasy scents gives my fans and me more ways of expressing our inner fantasies – whether they’re naughty or nice.” –Britney Spears.

naughty   fantasy-nice-remix

The Naughty Remix is the dark and sensual version of the two fragrances. This version is more of a sexy nighttime wear, whereas, the Nice version is a better daytime wear. The Naughty version has floral notes of jasmine and orchid, sweet notes of cupcake and white chocolate, and woody notes of orris root topped with a musk veil. The gourmand notes blended with the creamy woods makes for a perfect balance of warmth and sweetness. This is a long lasting fragrance, and you don’t need too much to make it noticeable. Just a spritz or two will be enough for everyone to get a taste of your scrumptiously sweet aroma.

The Nice Remix is the softer version of the two. It is flirty, feminine, and romantic. This is a white floral fragrance with a prominent note of jasmine.  Like the Naughty version, the Nice version is also influence by notes of cupcake and musk. Different from the Naughty Remix, the Nice Remix features fruity notes of kiwi. This is the lighter of the two, for those who want something more subtle and fresh.


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