CK One Red Edition For Her, New Fragrance

Calvin Klein came out with the new CK One Red Edition at the start of this year. It is a perfume aimed at the Spring and Summer season, offering a unique kind of freshness to its users. It is an addictive and seductive fruity-floral fragrance. Red Edition For Her also offers ozonic and aquatic accords for a fresh and airy vibe. This is a great daytime wear, suggested for use in warm weather. The most prominent note in this composition is the top note of juicy watermelon, followed with a soft touch of violet. You will find the floral accords of the perfume within the heart of the fragrance. The fragrance then closes with a noticeable semblance of soft musk. It is simple, fresh, and light, with a hint of musk for a little pow in the ending. Make sure you try this one out on a warm day to get the full effect!

CK One Red Edition For Her

Have you tried this fragrance before? What do you think about it? Leave a comment and let us know!

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