Jo Malone London Rain Collection Samples Available Now!

Excited about the new Jo Malone London Rain Collection, but not so excited about the price tag? Try a sample of each one before you buy to find your favorite perfume from the collection!


The London Rain Collection is inspired by the constant showers that Londoner’s have become so familiar with. “Perfumer Christine Nagel wanted each fragrance to represent the meeting of urban life with nature’s power – the olfactory manifestation of pavements slick with puddles and the sodden earth of London’s parks – and so each limited-edition scent takes its cues from one of the capital’s many types of rain.”

White Jasmine & Mint by Jo Malone

White Jasmine & Mint is inspired by afternoon rain pouring down onto gardens and flowers. This fragrance is made from jasmine, mint, and mate leaf. This is a re-release of the previously discontinued, original White Jasmine & Mint. It is a very refreshing scent, great for layering with other perfumes to make your own personal fragrance. TRY IT FOR $3.49

Wisteria & Violet by Jo Malone

Wisteria & Violet depicts light morning showers in an urban city. This is a nice floral fragrance great for day or night, and for layering with other fragrances. This is a cold, fresh fragrance. Wear it by itself, or layer with warm scents for a little extra pow in your fragrance. The notes include water lily, wisteria, violet, and patchouli. TRY IT FOR $3.49

Rain & Angelica by Jo Malone

Rain & Angelica is inspired by early morning dew. This is an aquatic fragrance filled with watery notes, angelica, lime, and vetiver. This is an Angelica lover’s dream, with a clean and refreshing feel. A great fragrance for springtime showers into the warm summer weather. TRY IT FOR $3.49

Black Cedarwood & Juniper by Jo Malone

Black Cedarwood & Juniper is modern and urban, reflecting late night rain in the city. This fragrance is a little different than the others, with woody and spicy notes. This is a sexy, and more masculine fragrance good for night time wear. This fragrance opens with cummin and chili pepper, with a heart of juniper, and an end of cedar. TRY IT FOR $3.49


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