Nina L’eau by Nina Ricci Fragrance Review


Take a bite into this juicy, cherry-apple fragrance by Nina Ricci. Nina L’eau is an aquatic perfume with a citrus touch. The cherry is the most dominant note in this fragrance, but it is more of a fresh cherry smell rather than sweet. The opening of the fragrance is a bundle of citrus fruit and watery apple. The fragrance has a touch of white florals making it very fresh and feminine smelling. The fragrance is held together with a base note of musk. It is very light and fresh, with a perfect balance between all of the notes. It never smells too sweet or strong and is soft enough to wear during the warmer seasons. This is not your typical girly, fruity concoction. It is much more sophisticated than that. If you don’t like cherry, give this fragrance a chance. It isn’t overpowering and is held together quite well with it’s watery combination.

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