Matching Scents With Your Style

Picking the perfect scent to match your personality and style can be quite the challenge. Does the scent that you are currently wearing represent your style and what you stand for? Or have you been wearing the same scent for the last 10 years? Well we hate to break it to you, but you are ALWAYS changing and so should your scent! There’s billions of perfumes in this world, but finding the perfect perfume to go with that perfect outfit is a definite must. Scents can accentuate any outfit and add that perfect BOOM to your style wardrobe.

What’s your style?

Boho Chic


Do you love Boho fashion inspirations from celebrities like Nicole Richie and Mary Kate and Ashley? Go to events like Coachella, and aren’t afraid to wear a flower headband every once in a while? There are fragrances out there for you! Try a niche brand (meaning NOT mainstream) to bring out your wild “hippie” side as some might say. Serge Lutens offers fragrances like A La Nuit with a main note of true smelling jasmine, and is a delicious sweet white floral fragrance. Try Quelques Fleurs by Houbigant for a real sophisticated classic, with a well-blended composition of greens, florals, and citruses; Richie dove into the fragrance world early and was wearing this fragrance starting in the 7th grade.



Lauren Conrad is known for her girly, feminine style…does that sound like you? If it does, then maybe you should try something sweet and fruity. Pink Sugar by Aquolina is sure to accentuate a girly pink outfit with its scrumptious sweet cotton candy, caramel and vanilla notes. The people around you will want to eat you right up! Think something a little more sweet like vanilla than cotton candy suits your style? Try Princess by Vera Wang with a main note of vanilla followed by a hint of dark chocolate and fruits.



Are you sophisticated and like to make a statement? Whether you are a confident business woman or a style extraordinaire, we have the perfect scents to help you make the spotlight. If you want to walk into a room and receive a lot of compliments, wear Dolce & Gabbana The One. This is for a woman of poise and manners. With a graceful composition of warm, seductive vanilla and a background of peaches and amber, it basically smells of everything good in the world. If you want something bold, and a little more on the oriental side, try Dior Addict. This fragrance also contains a main note of creamy vanilla, but with balsamic white florals. It is sexy and daring, for a woman of energy and mystery.



We all know that Miley isn’t afraid to be daring and make a statement. Are you the type of person that grabs the funkiest looking thing you can find so that you can rock it like no other? People wish they could rock your outfit, but well…they just can’t. We have the perfect fragrance for you! Try Black Orchid by Tom Ford. This fragrance is dark, sexy, spicy. There is a distinct note of incense perfectly balanced with notes of chocolate, patchouli, spices, and florals.

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