Must Try Perfumes With Wisteria

It’s that time of year when the flowers are starting to be fully bloomed. One springtime favorite is the beautiful floral, wisteria. Unlike most beautifully colored flowers, wisteria is not only a pretty purple, but it is also very fragrant. It is a soft-spicy floral that grows in bountiful hanging vines.

Eternity Summer 2013 for women

Eternity Summer 2013.  Think of a romantic summer eve on the beach. This opens with an ocean breeze and has a main note of wisteria throughout the fragrance, giving it a fresh-spicy smell. There is a touch of musk, white amber, and sandalwood in the dry down for a creamy ending. Given its aquatic notes, this is a favorite for warm weather. It is a light fragrance, so carrying a travel spray for application throughout the day is recommended. A must have for wisteria lovers!

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Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden

Mediterranean by Elizabeth Arden. A sweet floral with a touch of citrus. You can really smell the wisteria in this along with mandarin orange and plum. It is sweet, mixed with powdery accords and musk, so it is not “too” sweet. The dry down is a creamy musk, pulling the composition all together. Take a travel spray of this fragrance on vacation this summer for an exotic-beachy-floral aroma.

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Bvlgari blv for women

BLV by Bvlgari for women. This is a spicy floral with it’s combination of wisteria and ginger aromas. This sprays on strong and softens down into a very calming scent. In the opening there is fresh ginger and juicy bergamot with wisteria in the background. Once the fragrance calms down from the first spritz, you can really start to smell the wisteria. This fragrance dries down to a creamy-vanilla-musk. A great daytime wear for any season.

Try a sample starting at $1.99

Wisteria & Violet by Jo Malone

Wisteria & Violet by Jo Malone. A part of the London Rain Collection, this fragrance represents gentle morning showers. This has a main note of wisteria, followed by violet and waterlily, with a touch of patchouli in the base. This is a very fresh and damp smell…like a flowerbed of wisteria and violet that has just been rained on. This is more of a feminine fragrance, though, it is labeled for both men and women. This is a great fragrance that can be used for layering with other perfumes and colognes.

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Photo Credit: Wisteria Vines from Flickr

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