Cruise Collection by Dior: NEW ADDITIONS

Escale a Parati by Dior

This fragrance captures exotic Brazil with its citrus and woody notes. This is like a light sea breeze on a summer day. This is very easy to wear and is a definite daytime fragrance for warmer weather. It is aromatic, fresh, clean, and uplifting. It’s one of those smells that makes you feel cheery and positive about whatever may come your way. This fragrance is a friend who always has a smile on, enjoys the simple things in life, and is always there for a shoulder to lean on. It is very citrusy and airy, opening with notes of lemon, orange, and petitgrain. Throughout the heart there are notes of fresh mint leaves, juicy red berries, subtle cinnamon, and rosewood. The end of the fragrance will leave you smelling woodsy with a creamy touch of tonka bean. This is a light fragrance so make sure you bring your travel spray if you want to keep the smell lasting all day.

Grab a 1ml glass vial for $2.49

Escale a pondichery Dior

Travel through the aromas of the Indian Peninsula with Escale a Pondichery. This fragrance reeks of urban, chic simplicity. It is a green-spicy fragrance with an aroma much like that of tea. It lasts for about 4 hours and has a light sillage, so it is an easy daytime wear. This opens with a blast of refreshing citrus and then come the notes of tea, spicy cardamom, jasmine, and sandalwood. This aroma invites us to relax, be fresh, and enjoy the scenery around us. It is the perfect cup of tea for travel, with its juicy citrus and touch of cardamom for spice.

Grab a 5ml spray atomizer for $7.49

Escale a Portofino by Dior

Escale a Portofino is a citrus-aromatic fragrance aimed at women. This is lovely, fresh, and a great summer wear on those hot days. Take a trip through luxurious Italy with it’s citrus blast mixed with greens and a creamy-wood base. This is a fragrance for those who love bergamot, as this is a main note throughout the entire fragrance. Petitgrain and lemon are evident upon first spraying the fragrance and then you are taken to the heart of almond and orange blossom. The base is a woody mix of musk, cedar, cypress, and galbanum. This fragrance lasts for a fair amount of time, but if you are worried then bringing a travel spray along is always recommended.

Grab a 3ml spray atomizer for $4.99

Remember, applying an unscented lotion after showering and prior to spraying can make a scent last much longer. Also spraying at pulse points like inside your elbows, neck, behind the ears, inside of the wrists, or back of the knees can also make your perfume last longer.

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