Summer Fragrances of 2014

There are many summer fragrances hitting the shelves, but which ones should you devote your time to try? We are here to help you decide! We are looking for new summer fragrances that go best with warm weather, day trips to the beach, sun tans, over-sized sunnies, and maybe a Pina Colada or two 😉 Summer is upon us and we need to saddle up and prepare for the heat! Make sure you have the perfect summer fragrance in hand to go along with your summer attire and of course your natural body chemistry.

Dolce by Dolce & Gabbana perfume sample

You can view our individual review of this fragrance here. This is feminine and soft, not offensive or overpowering in any way. This is subtle and simple, with a pleasant array of florals surrounding the entire fragrance. Dolce is an easy wear for almost anyone, because it is so fresh and inoffensive. It has an opening of papaya flower and neroli. The heart of Dolce contains notes of amaryllis, water lily, and narcissus. The whole fragrance wraps up with the smell of soft musk and cashmere. Simple and sweet. This fragrance does have a soft sillage like most summer fragrances do, so I recommend taking an atomizer to go if you want your scent to stay all day.

Try a 3ml spray atomizer for $7.99

Eternity Summer by Calvin Klein 2014 perfume sample

The Eternity Summer 2014 series is supposed to “evoke a peaceful, blissful and relaxing day at the beach”(Fragrantica). Upon smelling this fragrance, this is exactly what came to mind… Me relaxing on my beach towel, soaking up the sun, reading some romantic novel to pass endless time. This is aquatic and fresh with florals, fruits, and woodsy notes throughout. It opens with bamboo, mandarin orange, watermelon, and pear. The middle consists of fresh white florals, and the base is a musky-woods mixture. It is creamy and well blended, a fragrance to sooth the soul. Wear this on a day that you feel stressed or anxious, and you are guaranteed to feel more relaxed and at ease with yourself.

Samples starting at $1.99

Signorina Eleganza perfume sample

Signorina Eleganza has great lasting power and is strong enough to invite others around you to smell your essence and become intoxicated by it. You are sure to gain a lot of compliments with this one and not a lot of people will have it since it is very new, which is always nice. This is a fragrance to wear if you want to leave an impression. Whether that be a business meeting, a date, or a dinner party. This will work perfect for any event that you want to be noticed at. In the top of this fragrance lies the fruity notes of pear and grapefruit; the middle has a heart of osmanthus and almond; the base reeks of sophistication and elegance with its touch of leather followed with patchouli.

Try a 3ml spray atomizer for $3.99

Cool Water Night Dive by Davidoff perfume sample


Cool Water Night Dive for men is a sensual and mysterious fragrance, depicting a chilly summer night on the beach. This is a fragrance for a man that is confident and charismatic, as it is guaranteed to attract the women around you. This opens with the sea, fruits, and a fresh burst of mint. the middle is spicy with pepper, tobacco, and sage. The base then dries down into cashmere, woods, amber, and musk. This fragrance is soft and sensual, meaning it does not project far but for those who do get the honor of smelling it will be seduced by it’s inviting composition.

Try a 5ml travel spray for $6.99


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