Scent Yourself With Mint!

When we think of mint, we think of refreshing…cool…relaxing. Having at least one mint scented fragrance in your collection is a must! Try out one of these or comment and let us know your favorite mint fragrance!

Cartier Roadster for men

Roadster by Cartier was introduced in 2008 by perfumer Mathilde Laurent. This is very aromatic, green, refreshing, and a touch spicy. Upon first spray, there is an eruption of refreshing mint filling the air. The scent then changes into a lightly minty-fresh, creamy vanilla, spicy vetiver, and patchouli blend. The vanilla, vetiver, and patchouli give this fragrance a great depth. Making it go from cool and minty, then hints of sweetness from the vanilla, and a dry down that is drawn to the vetiver. It is not your classic spring-summer fragrance with citrus and beachy notes. This has a great longevity and an even better projection. If you like a sweet-mint that is long lasting and noticeable then go for Roadster. Sample it for $1.99.

White Jasmine and Mint by Jo Malone

White Jasmine & Mint is inspired by afternoon rain pouring down onto gardens and flowers. This fragrance is made from jasmine, mint, and mate leaf. This is a re-release of the previously discontinued, original White Jasmine & Mint. It is a very refreshing scent, great for layering with other perfumes to make your own personal fragrance. It is a very green and fresh fragrance, though, I do detect some creaminess throughout. Grab this if you want something with a slightly cream mint scent. This is great for a cold, rainy day and an “okay” sillage and longevity. Try a sample for $3.49.

Cool Water Pure Pacific by Davidoff for women

Cool Water Pure Pacific is dedicated to the summer of 2012, but don’t let that stop you from trying it now because it is still one of our top picks for summer. It is fresh, fruity, sweet, and woody all at the same time. It’s very fun and feminine depicting a warm summer day on the sand. At first spray you are hit with a tropical breeze of fresh mint, pineapple, and melon. The heart of Pure Pacific is fresh and floral with notes of bamboo, jasmine, and lily of the valley. The base of the fragrance is a creamy peach sandalwood that smells to die for. It is much like the original, though, it is much more luminous, fresh, and light in comparison. It is quite long lasting and the scent is noticeable, but light and airy. Try a sample for $1.98.


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