Why You Should Start Collecting Perfume

Understanding why people collect fragrance isn’t so hard once you start doing so yourself. It becomes addicting, smelling all of these unusual and delightful scents that could possibly trigger an old memory to come about or alter your emotions(in a great way). Not to mention, your shelves and vanity will start to look great with all of the cute little perfume bottles filling its surface area. Each bottle so different in size, color, and looks to represent its uniqueness and personality in the fragrance community. Collecting perfume or cologne can easily become an everyday pleasure for anyone.


Photo via: Lipglossandabackpack

Everyone has different taste and different smells that they find represent their personality. It can be quite the struggle to find the perfect perfume that can represent everything about a person. Though, it is a beautiful struggle indeed. You may sample a perfume and find that it fits you perfectly and keep sampling thereafter to find that another fragrance fits you even more perfectly than the one before. Fragrance is a never ending journey and there are always new perfumes and colognes hitting the shelves. Collecting perfume is probably one the best and most uplifting habits that you can have.

All fragrances have different accords such as fruits, flowers, woods, green, aquatic, and so forth giving it a unique characteristic and vibe. Cool, fresh fragrances are better in spring and summer, whereas, warmer is better for fall and winter. There are also certain notes to look for in fragrances that can be calming, relaxing, or increase your attention span. Lemon is very calming and can provide better concentration. Jasmine and lavender are notes to look for when feeling down or depressed, as they are used to calm the nerves. Cinnamon or peppermint can relieve fatigue and provide stimulation. Look for fragrances with these notes to see if they work for your own body.

Collecting perfume is a beautiful experience and not to mention it will leave you smelling AWESOME. Picking out scents that represent yourself or that you feel uplift your spirits is a great way to pass any extra time  you may have while having fun doing so. Start your collection with us and see how much fun you can have!


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