Storing Your Perfumes For Summer

Don’t let your perfumes go bad in the heat and changing climate! If you have various perfumes like me that you might wear according to season, occasion, time of day, etc. then you will want to know the secrets of keeping your perfume fresh all year around and for years to come!

1. DO NOT I repeat DO NOT leave your perfumes in the bathroom. This is the worst possible place that you can store your perfumes. When you take showers and it starts steaming up in your bathroom it becomes humid and wet. The humidity of the air and temperature changes in your bathroom will make your perfume go bad very quickly.


2. Avoid sunlight at all costs! Put your perfumes in a dark drawer or cover them with something to keep the sunlight from reaching them. Do not put your fragrances next to a window, as you may go to spray after a few months and see that your perfume has turned into some awful concoction and have wasted all of your money.

3. Avoid heat! This goes along with storing your perfume in dark, dry places. Don’t leave perfume in your car or anywhere near anything that generates heat. The heat messes with the chemical bonds in your fragrance and you will be left with something very rotten when exposed to heat.


4. Buy atomizers! If you have to spritz throughout the day, don’t bring the whole bottle along with you. Instead, use an empty atomizer and fill it with the fragrance that you wish to spritz throughout the day.

plastic atomizer


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6 Responses to Storing Your Perfumes For Summer

  1. Jassy says:

    Another tip: Buy glass atomisers. Plastic atomisers may react with the perfume, causing chemical reactions and spoiling the decant in the process

    • We have never not had a problem with plastic atomizers, though, I guess if you left it next to the oven then it wouldn’t be a very good idea :p As long as they are stored properly, then they will last just as long as the glass atomizers.

      • Jassy says:

        No idea, my friend decanted her Bulgari au the vert into a plastic bottle and it was spoiled the next day.

        • How odd! I wonder if it was something that the vendor cleaned the plastic with or if there was some other chemical they used in the packaging. I would be so angry if I decanted my perfume into an atomizer and it spoiled within one day 😦 Do you know where they purchased from?

  2. Lara says:

    I was told to store perfumes in the fridge. I live in Brisbane so it can get pretty hot and humid! So you think this is a good idea?

    • In most cases I would say to steer away from the fridge, as I do believe that some essential oils in perfumes can be degraded from the refrigerator coolness. It may be a hassle figuring the ingredients of each perfume and seeing which can be refrigerated and which cannot. The best method is to keep your perfumes out of sunlight and in a cool place (but not SO cold), like perhaps a box in your closet or drawer. If you don’t think that your house is cool enough and your climate is just too hot, then yes it may be better to store in the fridge rather than the heat. I think the heat will be a lot more damaging than the cold would be. The ultimate decision is up to you, as there is a lot of bias with storing perfumes in the fridge.

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