Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford: Fragrance Review

One of Tom Ford’s most recognized fragrances, Black Orchid (launched in 2006), has just gained a baby sister. “Baby” may not be the perfect word to use, as this is still a rich and intoxicating scent, as most Tom Ford fragrances are. Tom Ford’s new scent, Velvet Orchid, has just hit the shelves and many people are pleased. Velvet Orchid “carries on the legacy of bold and glamorous floral signature that promises a unique character, atmosphere and experience of the scent” (Fragrantica).


Black Orchid was intense with its main, most noticeable notes being chocolate, patchouli, and incense. Though, this seemed to be a hit among many people when it arrived on the market, some might think that Black Orchid is a tad too intense. Let’s just say it isn’t something that I would wear around the office or on a hot summer day. It is spicier than Velvet Orchid, which is more focused on the notes of orchid and sweet vanilla. Although Velvet Orchid may sound like a soft-sweet-floral, it is not just that. It still has that intensity and richness that most Tom Ford fragrances do, though, it is more of a people pleaser and something that you could pull of on a warmer day.

velvet orchid tom ford

Velvet Orchid is a creamy concoction of sweet rum with a touch of honey and orchid upon first spraying. The heart is filled with florals blended perfectly together, creating an exotic bouquet of aromas. The base then is warm and much like Black Orchid where you are left with vanilla, sandalwood, and myrrh with an added touch of velvety suede. The name, Velvet Orchid, describes this fragrance perfectly. It is a sweet orchid fragrance with subtle hints of velvet in the background.

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