Fragrance Review: Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs

We all know of the perfume Daisy by Marc Jacobs and it is a favorite of many with its ozonic floral-woody accords. It is simple, sophisticated and charming with it’s opening of violets, citrus grapefruit, and strawberries to it’s creamy ending of vanilla, woods, and musk. Daisy was introduced in 2007 and there have been many flankers produced since then. The latest flanker being Daisy Dream launched this year, 2014.

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs perfume sample

Daisy Dream is more fruity, watery, and tropical than the original Daisy. Upon first spray there are bursts of pear and grapefruit with wisteria plants in the background. There are faint whispers of litchi and coconut that aren’t quite strong enough to make out with just a whiff. They are there, but they are a subtle breeze in the wind. The fragrance maintains the same composition for about three hours in and then you start to catch the dry-down. The ending of this fragrance is woods and musk, quite like that of Daisy but missing that touch of sweetness from the vanilla.

This is a nice fragrance to wear to work, a lunch date, or just an everyday wear in summer. If you’ve tried the other Daisy flankers and have liked them, chances are you will probably like this one too. Grab a 3ml spray atomizer for $5.99.

daisy dream by marc jacobs perfume

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