Back to School 2014: Scents For Teenagers

Let’s face it, it is hard to pick out pretty much anything for teenagers. Their style, personality, and school trends are changing constantly. They have just discovered what body odor really is and perfume/cologne might be starting to sound pretty enticing. We are here to help you with at least one back to school necessity, to keep your teen smelling fresh and fun. This is a win-win situation we are talking about here. You no longer have to dread the ride home with your teen after a day full of P.E. and basketball practice and they will be thanking you! Sounds nice, right?


Ed Hardy Love Christian Audigier for women

Ed Hardy Love is… by Christian Audigier is a new fragrance for women that was launched just this year. This is a dark fruity-floral fragrance with hints of musk. The notes include: apple, blackberry, bergamot, jasmine, freesia, raspberry, vanilla, and musk. This is a casual day wear fragrance, great for summer. This is fun and young, perfect for a high school student that is just stepping into the world of fragrance.

Try a 5ml spray atomizer for $6.99

Daisy Dream by marc jacobs

Daisy Dream by Marc Jacobs is also a great selection for a young woman. This is fruity, sweet, watery, and tropical. Pear and grapefruit are prominent upon first spray, with wisteria in the background. There are light breezes of litchi and coconut throughout the fragrance and it ends with woods and musk. This is a nice, light-weight fragrance for a feminine feel that isn’t too “little girlish.”

Try a 1ml glass vial for $2.99

Fantasy the Naughty Remix by Britney Spears

For upcoming fall and winter seasons, Fantasy the Naughty Remix would be a great addition to any teens fragrance wardrobe. This is gourmand with sweet notes of white chocolate and cupcake, but not an overpowering kind of sweet. It has just the right touch with its woodsy notes, orris root, and florals surrounding the composition. This is a very “cute” smell on teens, as it almost smells edible. This is great for cold weather climates, so grab the sample now and if your teen loves it then you know what to get them for Christmas!

Try a 3ml spray atomizer for $3.99


Ck Free Sport by Calvin Klein for men

Well I shouldn’t say that this is just for boys, because this is actually great for the older crowd and younger crowd alike! This is very fresh and marine like and is great for an active male. Refreshing sea notes are most prominent in this composition followed by sandalwood, amber, florals, and citruses. This won’t be overpowering and mix badly with your boys sweat, as it is meant for wearing while being active. Keep in mind that this is a light fragrance, so spraying throughout the day is recommended.

Try a 5ml spray atomizer for 6.99

Cool Water Into the Ocean by Davidoff for men

Cool Water Into the Ocean by Davidoff is an aromatic-citrus and also marine-like fragrance. Sea notes are prominent once again, though, this is followed up with sage, grapefruit, mandarin orange, juniper, and basil. This has a spicy kick to it, but is still very fresh and clean smelling. This is great for a younger man that wants a good everyday scent to wear to school or out and about.

Try a 3ml spray atomizer for $3.99


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