New Gourmand Collection: Dessert-like Scents

Our new Gourmand Collection is here to satisfy your sweet tooth. Summer is almost over and it’s time to start adding new scents to your Fall/Winter fragrance wardrobe. These tasty dessert-like fragrances are guaranteed to have your mouth watering. With rich, sweet, and warm notes these fragrances thrive during cooler weather and are long lasting.

Fragrances in our Gourmand Collection:

Pure Vanilla Perfume Sample by Lavanila Laboratories

Pure Vanilla by Lavanila Laboratories is just that, pure vanilla! This lasts for hours and if you love vanilla scents, then this will be pure bliss. You can also identify some patchouli and tonka bean in the background of this gem. Pure Vanilla is a simple, sweet, and fun scent good for day or night. You may even want to try layering this scent with something else if you want to add a touch of sweet vanilla to a different scent.

prada candy

Prada Candy….we have all heard of this one, right? This is a favorite for many, because…well, what isn’t too love!? It is sweet, fun, and flirty with popularity among a younger crowd. If you enjoy the scent of caramel, then this one is for you. This is creamy, smooth and delightful and could be worn during the day or on a night out on the town…it just depends on your mood!

escada desire me

Escada Desire Me is a very well blended mix of sweet notes. This opens with a creamy, sweet citrus and once the fragrance settles you are left with delicious notes of dark chocolate, custard, coffee, and peony. There are also some noticeable fresh-green floral notes throughout this composition, which really gives this one a touch of femininity. It may sound like a weird blend of equally weird notes, but it is blended so well together that it turns into a beautiful concoction of bitter-sweet sensuality. The name suites the fragrance well.

signorina by salvatore ferragamo

Signorina by Salvatore Ferragamo is fizzy, sweet, uplifting, and joyful. This is fresh and sophisticated, yet sweet and adorable. This is creamy panacotta with ripe red currant, a wisp of florals, and a pinch of pink pepper. This smells of youth and liveliness, better for a day time wear in cool or warm weather. It is also a long lasting scent, though, it is a bit softer in scent than the others.


Pink Sugar is another well known gourmand scent bursting with sugary sweetness. This is basically cotton candy on a stick. Imagine being at an amusement park as a child, or maybe as the parent and smelling all of the intoxicating blends of sweet treats around you. Pink Sugar is filled with cotton candy, caramel, vanilla, licorice, and juicy fruits. If you want something very sweet and youthful, then this is your scent.

lolita lempicka eau de minuit midnight 2013

Eau de Minuit 2013 Midnight edition is tasty, balsamic, and mysterious. This is reminiscent of the holidays, as this fragrance blends so well with cool weather and mixes grandly with the odor of baked goods that fills my home around Thanksgiving and Christmas. This is also recommended as a night time wear. This has a prominent note of benzoin and licorice, iris, vanilla, and myrrh are all noticeable in the background.

Satisfy your sweet tooth and get the collection now!



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