3 Fall Fragrances From Niche Perfume Lines!

Want something, rich, warm, unique, and long lasting? Something that not everyone will be wearing this Fall? Many people are branching out and trying niche lines. Niche perfumes are fragrances that are not mainstream and may be entrepreneurial brands that are not supported by a big company(in most cases). This does not mean that they aren’t successful or any less pleasant than designer or mainstream perfumes.┬áIn fact, many niche fragrances are listed as high end or specialty fragrances and only sold at exclusive stores making them even more desirable to own for some.

Our favorite Fall Niche’s that you can try at MyPerfumeSamples:

Fracas by Robert Piguet was introduced in 1948 and reissued in 1998. This is intoxicating, sensual, but also collected and comfortable. This is a creamy, floral, tuberose blast of perfection. First off, this fragrance explodes with white florals (mainly tuberose) and is surrounded by light tangy fruits. The base is rich and warm with sandalwood, amber, musk , cedar, and oakmoss. Spray this on and you will probably be smelling it until your next shower. This is VERY long lasting and has a great projection. One spray should do wonders, which is always great because the bottle will last you forever! This can be worn in any season, though, with the warm-creamy base it is most beautiful in the Fall.


Ambre Sultan was introduced in 2000 and is aimed at women. This is a very warm, rich, balsamic fragrance that flourishes in Fall and Winter. This is deep and resinous, with underlying warmth and sweetness. A beautiful blend of resins, amber, myrrh, bay leaf, coriander, sandalwood, benzoin, patchouli, and vanilla. This is for a nose that loves a smoky-spicy amber. This will last on the skin about 9 hours and has nice projection that is just right.

L’eau de L’eau by Diptyque was launched in 2008. This is a soft citrus-aromatic-spicy fragrance for both women and men. You are first splashed with gentle citruses and petitgrain then pulled into a spicy-aromatic sequence of ginger, orange blossom, cinnamon, cloves, geranium, and lavender. The dry down is warm and sweet with tonka bean, patchouli, and benzoin. This fragrance lasts around 7 hours, but remember it may be different depending on how your skin takes to the fragrance. This is spicy, but not overwhelming and projects to about a foot away.

What is your favorite niche fragrance for Fall? Comment and let us know!






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