Dark Rose Perfumes

Everyone needs a dirty-rose in their fragrance wardrobe for Fall/Winter. Seven Scent has predicted that dark rose perfumes are going to be a trend in the upcoming Fall/Winter months. Get started early and start adding new perfumes to your wardrobe! Your light and airy summer perfumes just aren’t going to cut it when the rain and snow start to fall. Here are our picks for the best sultry, dark, and dirty rose perfumes.

Very Irresistible Givenchy L'Intense

Very Irresistible L’Intense is a sultry, but versatile dark rose scent. It is jammy and oriental, yet dark and seductive. It has a smooth composition of sweet plum, patchouli, creamy rose, and musk. This is daring, but comfortable; mysterious, yet relaxed; dirty, but sweet. This is a sensual rose scent, with jammy plum, and an earthy-patchouli background. This is heavier so only one or two sprays will suffice. This is suitable for a romantic date night or just out with the gals.

Try a sample starting at $2.49

Velvet Rose & Oud Cologne Intense by Jo Malone

Velvet Rose & Oud is an Oriental Floral fragrance for women and men. This is a wonderful rose and oud combo, with a sweet-milky background. The rose is sultry, unique, and dark drizzled with sweet praline and clove. The oud rounds out this composition, making it so that it never becomes too sweet. This is complex and passionate, for someone who wants to feel sexy and elegant all at the same time. You may have tried Red Roses by Jo Malone at some point. This is Red Roses dark twin sister, with more complexity and smokiness. Try layering this with a lighter floral scent to make it more feminine or with something woody if you want to it to be more masculine.

Try a sample starting at $4.99

Agent Provocateur

Try Agent Provocateur for a provocative, intense rose. This fragrance is sharp and spicy, opening with saffron and blending into a deep vetiver-rose wrapped in gardenia. The musk in the base holds on tightly throughout the whole composition. This is vintage, retro, dirty, and erotic. If you want something extremely classy and sexy with prominent rose notes, you must try Agent Provocateur.

Try a sample starting at $1.99

What are your favorite dirty rose fragrances?

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