Perfumes/Colognes Suitable for Work

In a work environment, that last thing you want is an awful, overpowering smell penetrating your nose cavity. Strong scents can be distracting and remember, even though you might love the scent, not everyone is just like you and everyone has their own taste preferences. As for myself, I have coffee beans on hand to get awful smells out of my head, but I doubt you all work in an environment quite like mine. You don’t want your fellow patrons having to leave work early because they have developed a migraine or headache from your beloved perfume. Be courteous in your work environment, especially in small offices, and apply something that can be delightful for all.

Tips for picking the perfect work fragrance:

1. Avoid white florals

White florals are known to give many people headaches and can be bothersome for those with allergies. It is best to steer clear of heavy white florals in the work environment.

2. Wear an Eau de Toilette or lower concentration

As you may know, perfumes come in many different concentrations. Lower concentrations are lighter in sillage and have less alcoholic compounds, being less bothersome to others.

3. Spray lightly

You don’t need to spray every part of your body to be smelled. Your nose could be so accustomed to your scent that it becomes harder for you to smell your scent than for others to smell it. For something a bit heavier, give yourself one spray on the back of your neck…or with something lighter you may be able to give yourself a spray at the neck and on your wrist. Play around with it and you will find what works best for you.

Some of our choices:

Ck Sheer Beauty   Donna Karan Cashmere Mist   Bottega Veneta Aromique Essence


or try our  At Work Collection for Women for $11.99


What fragrances do you wear to work? Comment and let us know!

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