Fall Perfumes to Match Your Personality

We all have different personalities, thoughts, and styles. Although, there are popular scents that a majority or people will like, there will always be some who despise it. The best way to pick a perfume is by matching it to your own personality and style. Why wear a perfume that doesn’t fit you, just because people say it smells nice or you saw it in a high end magazine? Your personality is sacred and unique. Pick a scent that will promote your personality this Fall. What style fits you best?

Are you a city girl with a chic-modern style?

Lanvin Me by Lancome

Try Lanvin Me, which depicts a unique and confident woman. This is gourmand with notes of licorice and sweet blueberries, but also a delicate floral fragrance wrapped in tuberose and rose. This is zesty, passionate, and sophisticated.

Are you the type of woman who likes some mystery in her life?

Velvet Orchid by Tom Ford

Try one of our recent favorites, Velvet Orchid. Velvet Orchid is a bit softer and more feminine version than Black Orchid. Don’t let that fool you, because the mystery and sensuality is still there. Velvet Orchid is a boozy vanilla-orchid scent with sexy and seductive features.

Are you someone who is always smiling and in a cheerful mood?

Midnight Romance by Ralph Lauren

Try Midnight Romance by Ralph Lauren for something sweet and uplifting. This is gentle but also intoxicating with notes of sweet raspberry, vanilla, and slightly powdery florals. This is slightly less innocent than the original Romance fragrance, but is still sweet and beautiful all around.

Do you like to keep it casual?

La Vie Est Belle L'eau De Toilette by Lancome

Try La Vie Est Belle L’eau de Toilette. The original was more rich and sugary, whereas, this is a lighter interpretation with a fresh take. It still has a sweet taste to it, but it never becomes too cloying or obnoxious. This is perfect for casual day wear and a very likable fragrance.

Do people call you the life of the party?

The One Desire by Dolce & Gabbana

Try The One Desire by Dolce & Gabbana. P&G Prestige’s vice president describes it as, “…for the woman who wants to feel unique, beautiful and sensual. She owns the room when she enters. She’s not just noticed, she attracts the attention of everybody and is sexy but not vulgar.” You are “The One” and you love the attention, the fame, and a glamorous lifestyle.

How about someone who is mature and sophisticated?

La Panthere by Cartier

For a more mature and adult-like scent, try La Panthere by Cartier. This new release is a bold floral-chypre with prominent notes of sweet gardenia, oakmoss, subtle fruits, and musk. This is a green-fruity mixture, but is also a bit animalic in nature. This is very unique and addictive. Recommended for an older crowd.

Tell us your style and what fragrance suits you best!

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