New Arrival + Review: Coach Poppy Wild Flower

Coach Poppy Wild Flower

I was very impressed by this new Coach Poppy flanker at first smell. I was surprised that I was taken by this scent, thinking that it might just be another boring-fruity flanker. As most first judgments are, mine was very wrong. Although, there are fruity accords, this is not as sweet and fruity as previous flankers. Coach Poppy Wild Flower is more sophisticated, delicate, and only mildly sweet.

Upon first spray, the fruitiness is noticeable, which may make you think that this is going to be just like the other flankers. There is orange and bergamot in the opening, but they quickly drift away leaving you with more depth and complexity. You are then taken to a creamy-soft-sweet pepper scent. Bouquets of freesia and sweet jasmine surround you and there is a noticeable, but relaxed and tamed patchouli accord. The base is creamy and woody with cedar and vanilla.


This fragrance reminds me of a cloud floating through the sky. Once it has calmed into it’s heart, it is fluffy, flawless, and smooth. It lingers effortlessly on your skin, as a cloud so effortlessly moves about the sky. The soft, woody, creaminess makes me think of the color white, which also makes me think of cleanliness and elegance. This can be for a young woman just sticking her nose into fragrance, or an older woman that knows a thing or two about perfume. The sillage is mild and the longevity is grand. You will be left with the soft-elegant cream scent lingering on your skin for hours.

Try it now here.

Have you tried this or any of the other Coach Poppy flankers? Comment and let us know what you think!


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