New Addition + Perfume Review: Euphoria Gold by Calvin Klein

Euphoria Gold by Calvin KleinLooking for a scent that is luxurious, sweet, and floral for autumn? Euphoria Gold is a perfume that you should look in to. If you love honey, patchouli, and florals then you may fall in love with this new release. Calvin Klein really hit the nail on the head with this release, because it is absolutely delightful in this cooling weather. I love to spray this fragrance right before I take off for my daily activities and I know it will last on my skin until late in the day.

This is for a woman that wants to portray wealth, luxury, sophistication, and sensuality. It creates a calming and relaxing, but also classy atmosphere. It is versatile and can make any woman feel at home, with its soft and warm qualities. A fragrance that thrives in fall and will be a favorite through winter.

Euphoria Gold features notes of honey, patchouli, gardenia, apricot, musk, narcissus, sandalwood, tangerine, and kumquat.

What fragrance are you currently loving for fall?

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2 Responses to New Addition + Perfume Review: Euphoria Gold by Calvin Klein

  1. Bethany Rose says:

    I love the gold but I’m not convinced they’ve beaten Euphoria! Here is my favourite fragrance!

    • Euphoria will always be a favorite, but I am really liking this flanker. Out of the Euphoria flankers, I do think that this one is the best in my opinion 🙂 Oh and I love Bon Bon! Will comment on your post xx

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