Scent of the Day: Gypsy Water by Byredo Parfums Fragrance Review

Gypsy Water by Byredo Parfums.

Gypsy Water is a woody-aromatic composition for both women and men that was introduced by the house of Byredo in 2008. This has made quite the impression since it has been released and for good reason. Many websites were raving about this fragrance for visitors of Coachella, travelers, and free spirited souls alike to give this scent a try. It is natural and heavenly, a scent that will leave a simple and subtle-y exotic trail in the wind. This is a soft fragrance that lies close to the skin, best worn on a spring or summer day. This is a light fragrance, so if you want more out of it we suggest spraying on your cotton shirt or doing an extra spray at the crown of your neck. Though it may be a light scent, this is not one to pass up. Byredo Parfums have just become recognized in the perfume world, but it seems that they will be here to play for awhile with their unique and inspiring scents.

A free spirit that loves to travel and explore the open road. Natural curls, sun kissed skin, and bohemian styles inspire this spirited wanderer. Shining with inspiration and glowing with inner goodness….a lover, a naturalist, and an optimist. Full of life and vibrancy, Gypsy Water, will uplift and hypnotize your soul into calmness and serenity.

Gypsy Water has top notes of juicy lemon and bergamot along with light hints of pepper and juniper. The heart is unique with smoky incense and pine needles. The base is creamy with a note of vanilla that can be noticed through the beginning of the fragrance beside notes of sandalwood and amber.

Try it now starting at $5.99

What’s you favorite Byredo scent?

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  1. Mary B says:

    love this one:)

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