Scent of the Day: Tresor Lumineuse Perfume Review

Tresor Lumineuse

As was the original Tresor, Tresor Lumineuse is a warm floral-oriental fragrance. Although, Lumineuse does not have the fruity blast of apricot as does the first and instead replaces the most prominent note with delicious praline. This one is more teasing than the original Tresor, as it sits close to the skin and is less offensive. Lumineuse can be worn from day to night, to casual events and special occasions alike. The original Tresor was strong, sweet, and noticeable compared to Lumineuse and worked better in the evening. Some think that Tresor is too overbearing and sickly sweet, if this is you, try Lumineuse for a shy version of the original that still has power and umph to it.

When first sprayed there is a distinct note of nutty praline wrapped in a note of green violet leaf. The violet leaf adds a refreshing vibrancy to the praline, never making it too sweet or overbearing. The rose then begins to bloom in the heart, still lying behind the milky, nutty praline. It is luminescent, softly sweet, and unobtrusive. In the dry down, the base comes to play with notes of vanilla, musk, and sandalwood.

This is a compliment getter with it’s soft, sweet, delicious notes. Although, it is soft and bright in comparison to the original Tresor, it is full bodied and has a a great longevity. It is teasing and inoffensive with the fragrance sitting close to the skin and can be worn in basically any setting. Wear it shopping, on a date, or to a wedding and be ready to reel in the compliments of your seductive yet innocent scent. This is a show stopper fragrance on a leash, one that has likability and won’t be offensive to those around you. It is soft, vibrant, and cheery, yet warm, alluring, and sweet.

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