Scent of the Day: Tresor in Love by Lancome Perfume Review

Tresor in Love by LancomeTresor in Love by Lancom

Tresor in Love is a beautiful and romantic scent that goes in line with it’s name perfectly. It gives you the vision of falling in love, with it’s elegant, soft, and feminine accords. The opening is fresh and zesty with bergamot, pink pepper, pear, and nectarine. The heart is full of dewy roses along with jasmine, violet, and pear. The fragrance rests on a woody cedar base with slight hints of creamy musk. This is light and inoffensive with a soft sillage. It is an intimate fragrance that clings closely to the skin.

Think about going on a date with the one you love. You share casual affections and intimacy is in the air. Your scent is soft, and subtle in the breezes of the night, but when he leans closer the scent is noticeable, clean, sweet, fruity, rosy, and delectable. The dewy rose is most prominent with fruity peaches and nectarines hinting behind it. The rose is layered into a beautiful composition, silky and well blended. A perfect fragrance for dates, weddings, Valentine’s Day, and simple daily pleasures.

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  1. I’d like to try this!

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