Scent of the Day: L’Instant Magic by Guerlain Perfume Review

L'Instant Magic by GuerlainL'Instant Magic by Guerlain

Our scent of the day is a lovely powdery-floral with a creamy-almond-musky base. This is sweet, warm, and creamy but also airy and soft. It isn’t “in your face” and is more of an intimate scent, though, has amazing longevity. The top is a sweet citrus of bergamot and anise. The middle notes are fully floral with rose, freesia, violet, and mimosa. The base is woody and rich with sandalwood, almond, vanilla, cedar, and musk. This scent is truly magical as you are transported from sweet citruses to powdery florals and a creamy-musk base. L’Instant Magic is almost like a chameleon, switching back and forth from its middle to base notes. It is a fragrance for colder days, with its warm and cozy base and can work during the day into the night.

L’Instant Magic screams of femininity. It is innocent and playful, yet sexy and daring. It is a fragrance for dates and romance, always bringing forth an aroma of temptation and lust. This is not a fragrance to pass along to your youngest daughter, but is for someone wanting to create an image of sophistication.┬áL’Instant Magic creates the feel of a grown woman. Spray this scent as a finishing touch to your outfit and feel the gentle warmth and elegance that L’Instant Magic brings forth.

Try a sample starting at $2.99

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