Scent of the Day: Eau de Mandarine Ambree by Hermes Fragrance Review


Eau de Mandarine Ambree by Hermes

Eau de Mandarine Ambree by Hermes is an energizing, yet relaxing scent. It is simple and uplifting, yet cozy and unique. Citrusy mandarine is prominent in this fragrance, followed with passion fruit. Slightly sweet and airy amber fills the base and brings the citruses into a tropical-warming aroma. This is a perfect spring into summer fragrance which captures the feeling of a vacation. It is light and sticks closely to the skin, but flourishes in the heat. This is a fragrance that may need a travel spray, as it is an eau de cologne and is not meant to stick to the skin for the entire day. This is a perfect after-shower fragrance to enjoy while sipping on your morning tea or coffee. Eau de Mandarine will bring you into a tranquil state of mind with its uplifting citruses and sweet amber.

Imagine lounging on your porch, overlooking the beach in summertime. You are in an environment of serenity, joy, and peace. The birds are singing in the trees and the sun is shining against a cloudless sky. The air is warm, but the ocean breezes keep it from ever getting too hot. Your bountiful plate of fruits for snacking smells of sweet citruses and combines with the warm air for a relaxing and harmonious effect. This is Eau de Mandarine Ambree by Hermes.

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  1. Wow, I do want to try this!

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