Scent of the Day: Azzaro Aqua Frost Fragrance Review

Aqua Frost by Azzaro

As the name intends, Aqua Frost is an unbelievably refreshing and aromatic fragrance. It isn’t a fragrance that smells like the sand or the¬†warm beach air, but more like a cool breeze filled with the sea, fruits, and citruses. There are succulent citruses along with freshly cut mint leaves atop sea notes and woody spices. Upon first spray you are hit with the grapefruit and sea-like accords. It gives off a fresh and summery vibe from the start. Next, the mint and juicy citruses come to play with a fun and fruity presence. The base of cypress and vetiver hold this fragrance down, adding spice, woods, and gentle masculinity. This fragrance thrives with heat and is versatile as it could be a casual wear for day or night.

Imagine a gentle sea breeze at sunrise on a summer day. The heat hasn’t yet risen and the air is cool, almost perfect. You feel refreshed and reenergized after a pleasant nights sleep. There is a crisp scent of succulent fruits and citruses in the air. Maybe from your neighbors garden, or a fruit tree near by… It mixes, wraps, and tangles into your senses and creates an uplifting energy to guide you through your day. A relaxing scent to brighten and invigorate anyone’s senses. This is Azzaro Aqua Frost.

Try a sample starting at $1.99

Azzaro Aqua Frost


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