Scent of the Day: LP No.9 by Penhaligon’s Perfume Review

LP No.9 by Penhaligon's Perfume Review

LP No.9 is a spicy scent with warm, aromatic, and herbal accords. Many people compare this fragrance with Dune by Dior. Though, this is more like it’s colder, darker sister. This fragrance may have a slightly masculine opening, though, once it has developed you will tilt your head in confusion, wondering where the masculinity disappeared to. LP No.9 develops into a feminine fragrance with hints of “dirtiness” and exotic herbal nuances. It is a unique fragrance full of passion and pizzazz.  It develops from bitter citruses and powdery lavender to an aroma of deep green, forestry, spices, and musk. It is fresh and green yet dark and playful. Carnations, rose, and jasmine hint throughout the fragrance, but never become too pretty or girly. This is dark and enchanting, almost magical hence the name LP No.9. If you are looking for a unique scent full of power, depth, spice, and dark femininity try out this gem from Penhaligon’s.

Top notes include powdery lavender, geranium, tarragon, and bergamot. The heart is floral with rose, jasmine, and carnation. The base is woody-musky and just slightly sweet with musk, patchouli, cedar, amber, cinnamon, and vanilla. This is for a woman that isn’t afraid to experiment and be unique. A fragrance for any season and any time of day. A perfume that radiates out, but never gets annoying. An enchanting scent that will not be forgotten and will leave a trace wherever you spray until your next shower. With a slightly grungy take on femininity, this is like the popular dirty rose of last season, except with a spicy-green aura.

Samples start at $1.99

LP No.9 by Penhaligon's

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