Scent of the Day: 212 VIP Rosé by Carolina Herrera Perfume Review

212 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera

212 VIP Rosé may have you thinking of florals and roses, but it is actually quite the opposite. The rosé is actually referring to the prominent note of bubbly champagne. The opening is a fresh glass of champagne alongside a full basket of cut fruits. Peach blossoms drift in and out of the fragrance from the heart and the base is creamy and clean with musk, woods, and amber. This fragrance is supposed to symbolize a New York party with its elegant yet fun and playful aroma. This smells of a younger woman, but is also sophisticated and wealthy smelling. I imagine a young model or actress wearing this scent to portray a confident, classy, and cool look. It is a cocktail of fine champagne and fruits that feels sexy and modern. It lasts 6-8 hours on the skin and is great for day or night. Wear in warmer weather to grasp a longer longevity and feel refreshed and bubbly in the heat from the notes of sparkling champagne.

Imagine a party of young New Yorkers, sipping on the best of champagnes after the busy day’s hustle and bustle. A loft of young party goers talk and dance and enjoy the night until the late hours. After all, the city never sleeps. The aromas in the air are intoxicating, sparkling, and magnificent. The bubbly champagne is boozy and refreshing. Fresh cut strawberries, grapes, and oranges fill your cup of champagne for a tremendous taste. Candles are glowing in the dark atmosphere to set a romantic mood of sophistication and class. The slightly cracked window brings in a breeze of outside peach blossoms and a clean musk scent fills the air as the night proceeds. All of these aromas come together and bring about the playful and elegant atmosphere of the party. This is 212 VIP Rosé by Carolina Herrera.

Samples start at 2.99.

212 VIP Rose by Carolina Herrera

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