Scent of the Day: Cocktail Seduction Blue by Antonio Banderas Fragrance Review

Antonia Banderas Cocktail Seduction Review

Introduced in 2014, Antonio Banderas brings us Cocktail Seduction Blue along with a women’s version and a Cocktail Seduction in Black flanker. Our favorite so far has to be the Cocktail Seduction in Blue, with its tropical “fun in the sun” feel. This is citrus and aquatic atop slightly spicy wood accords. The first blast is clean, citrusy bergamot which then becomes sweet and fruity with mojito, watermelon, and black currant. The heart of florals, cardamom, and rosewood calm the fragrance down into a skin scent after the initial citrus-fruit blast. Though the tropical feel never sways too far away. The base then becomes more masculine and ozonic with cedar, musk, and ambergris.

Cocktail Seduction Blue is the ultimate fragrance for a hot summers day or eve. Hit a pool party with your friends and create an aroma of fun, and playfulness to add to the atmosphere. A fragrance that smells of the carribean, vacations, and relaxation. Sit back, relax and get ready for compliments as your succulent fruits, sweet mojito aromas, and calming aquatic notes shine in the sun. If you are planning to hit the beach soon or head out on vacation, this fragrance is a must have!

Samples start at $1.99

Antonia Banderas Cocktail Seduction Blue Fragrance Review

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