Scent of the Day: Dolce & Gabbana Intenso Fragrance Review

D&G Intenso Review

Dolce & Gabbana Intenso was released just this winter and has been highly anticipated for good reason. When you think “intenso” you may think overpowering, strong, and heavy longevity. Though, D&G Intenso is quite the opposite. It has an elegant aroma and opens up fresh and green. The “intenso” is in the base with warm, darker aromas underlying the fragrance than with the original Pour Homme. The opening is aquatic and green with basil and lavender. The heart includes a new chord of the fragrance world, South African moepel, along with tobacco, hay, and bran. The base is rich and warm with sandalwood, cypress, musk, and amber. Despite the warm base, this fragrance is fresh and soft enough to be worn in typically any season. A scent that is reasonable for office wear and inoffensive.

Imagine a man of elegance and class. A man who always wears a spiffy suit and tie. He is confident in both his work and his love life. This is the man that will wear Dolce & Gabbana’s Intenso. Intenso is passionate, likable, and refreshing. A scent that is unique with it’s aquatic top and darker base. For someone who wants to stand out, but not be the star of the show. A scent for day into night and for any occasion. A nice longevity with a mild sillage. Something that doesn’t scream in the face of others, but will be present within intimate distances and possibly leave a slight trail for others to catch a whiff.

Samples start at $2.99

D&G Intenso fragrance review

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