Scent of the Day: Hanae Mori N08 Perfume Review

Hanae Mori N08

Hanae Mori N08 is a fizzy, bubbly, playful fragrance for women. This fragrance takes a spin on cherry blossom and adds fruity and sweet components. This is a bold, bountiful, young scent. This is a rich scent, so one spray is enough if you don’t want to choke innocent bystanders in a heat wave. Though, not to worry, Hanae Mori N08 is quite delightful when sprayed with the correct proportions. This is a scent reminiscent of birthday parties, girls night out, and amusement parks. It brings around an aura of giddy girlishness, that makes it oh so fun and happy smelling. The fragrance opens with sicilian orange, cherry blossom, and plum nectar. The heart includes clean floral bouquets of freesia, jasmine, and passion flower. The fragrance is then underlined with musk, patchouli, and sandalwood.

Hanae Mori N08 is the perfect scent to wear on a first date, with it’s fun and playful attitude. It is a bit wild, but also innocent and ultra girly. Sweeping your date off his feet with this feminine-sweet scent won’t be a problem. This is also a great scent for girls night alike. With it’s bubbly, charismatic qualities this scent goes perfect with fizzy-girly drinks, girl talk, and good laughs. Think of “pink” when you think of Hanae Mori N08. Pink is bright, girly, fun, and even a little bit sexy. Hanae Mori N08 has all of these qualities and more. If you are looking for a cheery, bright scent for spring and summer then pick up this gem!

Samples start at $2.99

Hanae Mori N08

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