Scent of the Day: Jessica Simpson Signature Perfume Review

Jessica Simpson Signature

Just last year, Jessica Simpson released a new fragrance that has been named as her “Signature” scent. This is a white floral, gourmand scent with feminine features. Jessica Simpson says about the fragrance, “There is something about this fragrance that takes me to another place. It is exciting, sophisticated and much more mature.” We can see where she is coming from with this statement, as Jessica Simpson Signature is a bit more on the delicate side. It is still playful and young like her former Fancy fragrances and has sweet nuances, but is more soft and subtle when compared to others in her line. It is seductive, juicy, and refreshing. A fragrance that can be worn in typically any season, which makes it a great go-to, inexpensive treat.

Jessica Simpson Signature opens with succulent nectarines and apricots, bringing in a sensational, fruity first impression. The heart is full of creamy white florals with a main emphasis on jasmine. The base is rich and sweet with vanilla, sandalwood, tonka bean, and white chocolate. A creamy, lush scent for young women. A scent that is versatile and won’t become overpowering. If you like sweet and creamy scents, but need something more appropriate for daywear or the office, then give this scent whiff. It has all of the sweet and fun characteristics of former Fancy scents by Jessica Simpson, but is perhaps more “fancy” than the rest. It is delicate, innocent, and more sophisticated than any in the Jessica Simpson line.

Samples start at $2.49

Jessica Simpson Signature

What’s your favorite Jessica Simpson perfume?

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