Scent of the Day: Michael Kors for men

Michael Kors for him

Michael Kors for men retains a similar chemistry to Michael for men, but with a softer balance. It removes the dried fruits and tobacco, but keeps its masculinity right in place. Kors says it is, “sexy, but unexpected.” It is for a man that wants to feel sophisticated, but not over-done. It is casual, yet elegant and has a great balance between being oriental, aromatic, and spicy. Smoky, spicy star anise fills this fragrance’s composition with trails of incense, spicy coriander, and peppers dancing in the background. Something in this fragrance is unique and eye catching…possibly the resin traces of elemi, that isn’t present in a lot of other fragrances. The dry down is cozy and familiar with sandalwood, patchouli, woods, and musk. The sillage and longevity are present, but definitely softer than Michael for men. A great fragrance to wear from day to night, thriving in colder weather.

Michael Kors for men is a fragrance for those who want to feel luxurious and casual at the same time. A fragrance full of masculinity and unique features. This is a modern and refreshing take on a woody-oriental. A perfectly groomed fragrance, since its reformulation in November, that is guaranteed to stand out on the shelves. It has a niche feel to the fragrance, but does what many┬ániche’s cannot. It takes a blend of unique notes and is able to perfectly blend the fragrance into a nice and smooth composition that is completely likeable.

Samples starting at $2.99

michael kors for men


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