Scent of the Day: Fleurs de Bulgarie by Creed Perfume Review

Creed Fleurs de Bulgarie

Creed’s Fleurs de Bulgarie for women is one of the oldest created perfumes in ourĀ inventory, introduced back in 1845. Creed was the official supplier of the royal court and made this perfume specially for Queen Victoria. Fleurs de Bulgarie is considered one of the finest and classic rose scents for women. It emulates timeless beauty, femininity, and elegance. This fragrance has been reformulated, but still holds its beautiful rose composition. This is aromatic and floral with a long lasting scent. It opens with fresh, citrusy bergamot and has a heart full of elegant roses. The base is a blend of musky ambergris and gives an interpretation of a soft-spicy amber rose.

A scent that is old fashioned, intriguing and powerful. A soapy rose that is reminiscent of artistry, classics, and vintage decor. This is a scent of a woman of class and wealth. Imagine you are in a castle of vintages from the floor to the ceiling. Chandeliers rest high on the ceilings and fine art fills the walls. A bouquet of roses sits on the window sill of the most elegant bathroom that you have ever seen. The soapy-musk air fills the room, but never overpowers the bountiful bouquet of roses that sit freshly cut upon the window sill. The smell that fills your nose is feminine, rich, and full bodied. A scent that will stay with you forever and will never be forgotten. This is Fleur de Bulgarie by Creed.

Samples start at $4.99.

Fleurs de Bulgarie


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