Scent of the Day: Black Opium by Yves Saint Laurent Perfume Review

YSL Black Opium Review

Black Opium has finally arrived to our shelves and we couldn’t be happier! Black Opium is a dream come true for lovers of white florals, vanillas, and nuances of warm coffee. This fragrance is said to embrace YSL’s dark and mysterious side and we couldn’t agree more. It is dark, sweet, feminine and bold in character. Black Opium begins sweet and girly with juicy pear and deepens into a luxurious, scrumptious scent of sugary coffee and rich vanilla. The top notes are pepper, pear and orange blossom. The heart begins to smell rich and bold with coffee and jasmine. Then the base thickens to a haze of vanilla, patchouli, and cedar. Black Opium is long lasting and will leave a slight trail in the midst of your peers that is guaranteed to make a warm and welcoming statement. This fragrance works best on a chilly night, as it will bundle you up into a warm and cozy whirl of creamy vanillas and rich coffee beans. What’s better on a chilly night than that!?

Black Opium is like your best friend who is always cheery and vibrant, yet is full of mystery and surprise. She keeps you cuddled up in her warm embrace, yet remains her own free spirit. Always making a statement and always keeping a confident smile across her face. She dances into the late hours of the night and is the type of girl who can get along with just about anyone. She is the girl that inspires and creates. A woman of confidence and class, with a fun natured heart. This is Yves Saint Laurent’s Black Opium.

Samples start at $3.99

Black Opium YSL perfume review


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