Scent of the Day: Walk On Air by Kate Spade Perfume Review

Kate Spade Walk on Air

Our scent of the day is a new creation by Kate Spade, just released in March 2015. Walk on Air is uplifting, fresh, bright, and floral. It is a fragrance that emphasizes all of the green, dewy parts of a flower. An elegant floral that recreates the image of modern springtime. A fragrance that is perfect for day wear and for sprucing up your work outfit, without becoming overbearing in the office. Kate Spade creates a relaxed and versatile fragrance that deserves a spritz every time you feel the need for a refreshing pick me up. Walk on Air is composed, soft, and sits on the skin closely. It brings forth an effortless glow and can outshine a gloomy day. A skin scent that doesn’t smell like a perfumed concoction,┬ábut rather a cool and green tint to your own self scent.

The top of Walk On Air is filled with refreshing bergamot along with fern, lime blossom, and neroli. The heart is prominent with lily of the valley and brings forth soft whispers of jasmine, and magnolia flowers. The base continues to be light and airy with hints of patchouli, lily, and iris. Walk on air and feel enlightened with Kate Spade’s bright and calming creation. A fragrance of nature, friendships and new beginnings. A scent to brighten your days and a composition that is sure to add a bounce to your step this spring.

Samples start at $3.49

Kate Spade Walk on Air

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2 Responses to Scent of the Day: Walk On Air by Kate Spade Perfume Review

  1. ScentLover says:

    This smells very similar to Clinique’s Happy. Maybe a bit more green in the start, but very much Happy on the drydown.

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