Scent of the Day: Bonbon by Viktor&Rolf Perfume Review

Bonbon Viktor&Rolf perfume review

If you like your scents sweet, scrumptious, and mouthwateringly gourmand then boy do we have the perfect scent for you! Our scent of the day is Bonbon by Viktor&Rolf, released in spring of 2014. Self indulge into this sweet, sweet creation and bath in its glory. It is rich, intoxicating and completely addictive. Bonbon is like a more sophisticated version of Prada Candy, with all of its caramel features infused with juicy peach and mandarin oranges. This fragrance works best in cold weather with its ooey gooey caramel delights and warm, creamy base. The top is fruity with mandarin oranges and peach, which is wrapped in a heart of caramels, orange blossom and jasmine. The base is warm and woody with cedar, sandalwood, and amber. Longevity and sillage? Awesome!

Bonbon is a fragrance to cuddle up with while watching a movie with your lover or barbecuing marshmallows over the fire. A cozy and warm scent that stays sweet the whole way through, If you are a lover of sweet scents, then this will be just the right amount of sweet for you…but if you hate gourmands then it is probably best that you stray away from this creamy concoction. A scent to enjoy during gloomy days, bringing pleasure and sweet indulgences forth. Spray on a scarf to feel cuddled by the warmth of Bonbon all day or spray on the nape of your neck to sweeten your skin and leave a trail of candied caramels.

Samples start at $3.99

Bonbon by Viktor&Rolf


Tell us, what is your favorite sweet and cuddly scent?

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2 Responses to Scent of the Day: Bonbon by Viktor&Rolf Perfume Review

  1. Bonita Valli says:

    Love this review, I think it’s spot on. Just did a review on BonBon myself!


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