Scent of the Day: Daisy Sorbet by Marc Jacobs Perfume Review

Daisy Sorbet Marc Jacobs

Our scent of the day is the newly introduced flanker of the original Daisy scent. The Daisy counterparts are still there, but altered slightly in Daisy Sorbet. This brings more fruit into play, whereas, Daisy remains fully floral. Mandarins, apple blossom, and lotus flowers dance through the top of this fragrance and bouquets of dewy violet, magnolia and jasmine sit in the heart. The base is creamy and soft with white musk and woods. Like other Daisy flankers, this was made to be a safe, every day scent. It is feminine, fresh, and fruity-floral. A nice office scent and a pleasant mood lifter. This was not a scent made for stopping your audience in their tracks, but a scent that was made to enhance your everyday self scent. Daisy Sorbet brings forth girly fun and youthful, uplifting qualities.

Daisy Sorbet works best in spring and summer months, as it will keep you feeling light and refreshed. This is an eau de toilette, so a few sprays throughout the day may be necessary to keep the scent flowing. This is reminiscent of a fruity sorbet on a hot summers day, with added heaps of creamy florals. It keeps you cool on a hot day and sparkles with a super feminine and girly aura.

Samples start at $2.99

Marc Jacobs Daisy Sorbet

What’s your favorite Daisy flanker?


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