Scent of the Day: Scandalous by Victoria’s Secret Perfume Review

Scandalous by Victoria's Secret Perfume Review

Our scent of the day is a super sweet elixir of scandal, fun, and glamour. It is a gourmand-like fruity-floral filled with delicious candied raspberries, praline, and peony. The notes are simple like most Victoria’s Secret perfumes, but that’s what people love about them. Perfumes from VS are always guaranteed to smell “good” and are great sprays to carry around for reapplication during the day when a pleasant scent is needed at dire times. To me, this is a scent that a younger woman may wear to make herself feel mature and sexy. Victoria’s Secret markets their perfumes in a way that can make anyone feel like they will magically turn into a seductive goddess with a spray of their perfume.

Sillage and longevity are good for VS perfumes and will last about 4-5 hours on the skin without re-application. This is a nice fruity perfume that is great for spraying when you need to get up and go. A scent that will work in any season and is pleasantly soft, despite it’s candied notes. A nice pick me up, to make you feel appealing and feminine when you aren’t feeling at your best. Overall, this is a pleasant scent that can be worn at any time. We will let you decide on if it is full bottle worthy.

Scandalous by Victoria's Secret

Tried this fume before? What’d you think?

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