Scent of the Day: My Voyage by Nautica Perfume Review

My Voyage by Nautica Perfume Review

This is a bit of an oldie, released back in 2007. If you like clean, light, airy, inoffensive fragrances then this may be a great addition to your summer fragrance wardrobe. This will keep you smelling fresh and clean without every being obtrusive or overbearing. It is one of those scents that is more reminiscent of a lovely, light home candle or clean body lotion than an actual perfume. Not everyone likes to smell of heavy perfume and leave a trail of their scent, and this is perfect for those who don’t. A clean scent for the office or just a spritzer for a quick pick me up in the morning.

This is a like a fresh bar of soap with lightly sweet nuances and touches of citrus and floral. Lime and bergamot are prominent, but are toned down by peony and amber, never being too citrusy or bitter. The beginning gives you that fresh, clean feeling like you’ve just stepped out of the shower and once it is toned down by the woody-floral notes it becomes a bit cuddly and warm. Although, it never strays from being a light and airy scent. It is a skin scent that smells like you, but better!

Samples start at $1.99

My Voyage Nautica


Tell us, what scent will you be sporting this summer?

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