Scent of the Day: I Am Juicy Couture Perfume Review

I Am Juicy Couture Perfume Review

I am Juicy Couture is a new perfume launched in summer 2015, aimed at the wild and independent “millennial” generation. This concoction opens smelling a bit like Viva La Juicy and then twists itself into a fresh floral with touches of sweetness. It is sweet, but fresh and will work in typically any season that you want it to. If you are a lover of sweet fragrances, but want something a little lighter for the season then give I Am Juicy Couture a try. This is definitely a young and playful scent. A fun scent that would be perfect for a girls night out or a quirky date at the fair.

This composition opens with sweet raspberries and passionfruit then settles into a floral bouquet of gardenia, heliotrope, rose and sweet pea. The base holds this baby together with musk, woods, and amber. A delightful and young fragrance for lovers of sweets and florals alike. A scent that isn’t wimpy or dull and will last hours on the skin without respraying.

Samples start at $2.49

Tell us, what is your favorite Juicy?

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I Am Juicy Couture


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