Destination Collection: 5 Perfumes That Will Take You On A Scent-cation!

Even if you aren’t able to take an extravagant journey to exotic lands this summer, you can still feel like it with our 5 destination scents! An all new collection at MyPerfumeSamples that will take you to exotic, beautiful, foreign lands with just a spritz. No need to pack your bags to get a whiff of these 5 destination spots!

1. New Zealand by Demeter

This scent is aimed at both men and women, as it is a simple earthy-green-marine type fragrance. New Zealand is known for it’s natural beauty and this fragrance is an expression of just that. It is natural, cool, and very, very green. Also, keep in mind that Demeter scents are great for layering!

2. Timbuktu by L’Artisan

Timbuktu is part of a travel collection by L’Artisan, representing Bertrand Duchaufourf’s travels to an old African city and its magical rituals. This is crisp, transparent woods and incense without the harsh smoke. This is mysterious, animalic and even a bit seductive with its magical and foreign tones. 

3. Paris by Yves Saint Laurent

Paris was created in honor of the Parisiennes. Romantic, charming, sophisticated and simple in nature. Paris is blooming with roses and violets and gives a beautiful essence of clean florals. Transcend into elegance and pure beauty with this gem.

4. Escale a Parati by Christian Dior

From Dior’s Cruise Collection, this ‘fume is said to reveal the exotic landscapes of Brazil. This is very woodsy with touches of citrus. Petitgrain, lemon, and bitter orange are prominent. With just a touch of masculinity, the earthy and woody vibes work together to create a fragrance that is both warm and clean on the skin.

5. Light Blue Dreaming in Portofino by Dolce & Gabbana

This popular fragrance represents the Mediterranean sea with an emphasis on litchi, osmanthus, ambrette and musk. It is truly an ideal summer scent that stays fruity, fresh and aquatic. It is feminine, with just a touch of floral, and will always keep you smelling refreshed and clean like the sea air of the Mediterranean.

Grab the Destination Collection now starting at $9.99!


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