5 Scents For School


Dreading the new school year and everything that comes along with it? You’ve spent the whole summer munching ice cream on the couch, binge watching Orange is the New Black on Netflix and living in your swim suit and now it’s time to pick up the pace and focus on your school work. Instead of dreading the new school year, let’s think of going to class as an excuse to get ready. Brush your hair, throw on some glossy lip balm and spritz yourself with perfume. When you look good and smell good, you feel good! You want your classmates to thank you for covering the stench of the guy who just came from gym, but you don’t want them hating you for spraying an obtrusive, unbearable scent. Some fragrances may be too strong or too sweet for a class room setting, but we’ve got the perfect 5 that will get you through the semester.

  1. Si Eau de Toilette by Giorgio Armani

Si Eau de Toilette

The Eau de Parfum version may have been a little too strong for a class room setting, but the Eau de Toilette version is perfect for close quarters. It is fresher, a bit lighter and totally bearable. Spray one or two spritz and you are good to go. This is refreshing, lightly floral and fruity, with just a touch of vanilla and patchouli. A young and fun scent that is also delicate and feminine.

2. Wood Sage & Sea Salt by Jo Malone

wood sage & sea salt by jo malone review

For something that goes great in fall, but is also reminiscent of the days you spent at beach this summer, you could try Wood Sage & Sea Salt. This is refreshing, sweet and earthy salt air in a bottle. It is cozy, warm and sensuous. It stays close to the skin and reminds us of lazy days by the sea. Try spraying on your clothes for better longevity.

3. CK2 by Calvin Klein


CK2 is the newest “gender-free” fragrance from Calvin Klein and is aimed at millennials. This is a relaxed and easy going scent with unusual notes of pebbles, violet leaf, and wasabi that blend together with earthy woods for a calm and airy scent. This is pleasant and refreshing, perfect for the classroom.

4. Pure Soap by Demeter

pure soap

For those days when you are running late and don’t have time to refresh. Not to fear, because pure soap is here and it will freshen you right up. Demeter fragrances are singular scents and literally smell like their names, so you know you will smell like you have just stepped out of the shower with this quick pick me up scent.

5. Lovely Sheer by Sarah Jessica Parker


A lighter, cleaner, greener version of the original Lovely by Sarah Jessica Parker. This is inoffensive and airy, starting off with sparkling citrus and developing into light and creamy white florals and woods. The dry down leaves you with a delicate skin scent of florals and clean musk.

Tell us, what are your favorite scents for school?

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