Top 5 Perfumes to Pair with Wine

Top 5 Perfumes to Pair with Wine

Many of us enjoy the comfort and relaxation that a glass of wine brings us at the end of the day. If you are both a perfumista and a wine enthusiast, we suggest pairing certain perfumes with your wine to enhance that subtle moment of relaxation. It’s the small details that are vital. Here we give you a list of our top 5 favorite ‘fumes for pairing with a glass of wine!

1.J’adore by Christian Dior for women


If you are a lover of white wines, then try pairing with J’adore. This perfume is a fruity-floral with sparkling, happy and flavorful accords. There are slightly sweet nuances and whispers of musk in the base. Overall, this is a classy white floral scent with a backdrop of fizzy fruits. It is feminine, elegant and respectful much like your favorite glass of chardonnay.

2. Une Rose by Frederic Malle for women


For those who are into full bodied, rich red wines, we give you Une Rose by Frederic Malle as your perfect pair. Rose petals have been drizzled in wine, honey, woods and fruits for an intoxicating and flavorful blend. Pair this with a glass of Cab and some dark chocolate for the most relaxing night of your life.

3. Hypnotic Poison by Christian Dior for women


Another scent for pairing with red wine is the ever-famous scent, Hypnotic Poison, by Dior. Its composition is full of sweets and spices that go perfect with a deep red wine. A gorgeous and comforting scent that embraces a rich, oriental-vanilla palate. What’s not to love?

4. Modern Muse Chic by Estee Lauder for women


Merlot generally features flavors of plum and woody notes, which is why we’ve chosen Modern Muse Chic as its perfect pair. This scent features notes of plum, white florals, cashmere wood, ebony tree and musk. A relaxing, warm and sensual fragrance with a juicy note of plum that dries down into soft and inviting wood notes.

5. Quatre by Boucheron for women


Another to pair with white wine is Quatre by Boucheron. This is sparkling, charming and sophisticated. Blasts of sharp citruses start this fragrance off, developing into a bright heart of strawberry and jasmine. The base is delicious and softly sweet with caramel and vanilla for a cozy ending.

Tell us, what’s your favorite ‘fume to pair with a glass of wine?

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2 Responses to Top 5 Perfumes to Pair with Wine

  1. Celina says:

    Isn’t Hypnotic Poison just the most luxurious, sexiest scent?! I feel its perfect for date night.
    Thanks for sharing xx

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