Top 5 Polo Fragrances by Ralph Lauren


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Polo Double Black by Ralph Lauren for men is fresh, warm and relaxed with sweet, spicy, oriental notes. The fragrance starts with a zesty blast of mango, followed by a warm heart of coffee beans and nutmeg. The dry down is fresh and discreet with with aromatic, woody notes. A versatile, soft and inoffensive scent perfect for indoors, close encounters and work environments.


Polo Red by Ralph Lauren for men is energizing, smooth and elegant with fruits and wood notes. The beginning starts with citrus, cranberry and grapefruit then settling into a base of woody amber and coffee. This is the scent of a gentleman, classy and sophisticated with a masculine character.


Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren for men is a fresh, airy and green scent that depicts a casual presence. This is a versatile daytime wear, suitable for any age and any occasion. Top notes include aldehydes, mint, lavender and citruses. The heart includes seagrass, ginger and florals, followed with a relaxed, wood base.


Polo Supreme Oud by Ralph Lauren for men is a warm, woody and spicy blend with an oriental composition. This is strong and rich, with a long lasting presence making it perfect for fall and winter weather. Notes incude agarwood, guaiac wood, cinnamon, pepper and vetiver.


Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren for men is a richer, stronger version of the original Polo Red for men. This includes similar notes to Polo Red, with added ginger and leather. Polo Red Intense is sexy, seductive and masculine, perfect for date night and cool weather.


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