Top 5 Perfumes for Valentine’s Day 2017



XO, Victoria by Victoria’s Secret

An energetic, fresh and green rose fragrance. This is simple, feminine and clean with notes of green apple, rose, ivy, orchid, citruses and woods. Wear this for an effortless touch of femininity that won’t come off as offensive or obtrusive. A likeable scent that everyone will love!


Prada Candy Kiss by Prada

A scent that is clean, soft, sensual and inviting. The composition is centered around a note of refreshing musk, surrounded by warm and sweet notes of orange blossom and vanilla. This is a clean-gourmand scent that is cozy and comforting, yet sexy and playful. The perfect combo for cuddles and date nights!


Wonderlust by Michael Kors

A creamy, soft and warm blend of almonds, sandalwood and heliotrope. This is gourmand and playful, yet never becoming to sweet or sticky. Imagine a cashmere sweater, cozy and gentle, and you’ve got Wonderlust. A silky, smooth scent that will leave your date mesmerized this Valentine’s.


Chloe Fleur de Parfum by Chloe

A new interpretation of the original Chloe scent, focusing on the charm and femininity of florals. Chloe Fleur starts with citruses and verbena, developing into a heart of soft roses and cherry blossom. A delicate and innocent scent that just screams of new romances and first loves.


Be Tempted by DKNY

Fruity and sweet with red berries, patchouli, licorice, vanilla, green apple and fresh florals. This is seductive and sultry with an oriental-gourmand character. Be Tempted is flirty and playful with it’s sweet and juicy scent. If you are looking for something fun, sweet and sexy then this is your go-to this Valentine’s!

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Top 5 Winter Fragrances of 2016



La Femme by Prada for women is made to make a woman feel classy, mature and sophisticated with just a spritz. It is warm and creamy, making it radiate in cold weather. The woman who wears this is powerful and confident with her femininity. This opens with mild spices and beeswax, then leading to a heart of creamy white florals. The dry down is warm and woody with vanilla and vetiver.


My Burberry Black by Burberry for women brings forth a beautiful balance of amber, fruits, florals and patchouli. This is a favorite for the season, with good reason. This is complex and original, with amber infused peaches sitting in between a bouquet of jasmine flowers and roses. A darker, sexier and warmer version of the original My Burberry fragrance.


Deep Euphoria by Calvin Klein for women is dark and heavy with patchouli and rose notes. This is a fragrance, that with the right skin chemistry, will radiate into a sultry, warm and seductive scent for the cold-weather season. This is slightly masculine, making it come off as daring and mysterious. Notes include rose, patchouli, woods, pepper, musk and florals.

A 9359

Signorina Misteriosa by Salvatore Ferragamo for women is unique and modern with a fruity and sweet composition. This is a playful, yet sensual scent that will shine during winter months. Blackberries are tart and sour, lying on a bed of tuberose. Milk mouse, vanilla and patchouli lie in the dry down, giving a sweet balance to the tart, berry notes.


Orange Bitters by Jo Malone for women is one of the only citrus scents on the market that you will find works marvelously through winter. This is reminiscent of the holidays, with warm orange notes that are drenched in amber and sweet spices. Orange Bitters is gorgeous, strong and warm to keep you cozy through the holidays.

Also try…..


1 Million Prive by Paco Rabanne for men is an oriental-woody scent, with notes of cinnamon, tonka bean, tobacco, myrrh, mandarin and patchouli. This is the ultimate compliment getter, with it’s likable, warm and sweet composition. The sillage and longevity are heavy, making it last all day, even through the cold winter months.



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5 Ways to Pair your Fragrance with your Halloween Costume


Why not go the extra mile and really get into character by adding fragrance to your costume? Many of us start planning our Halloween costumes months in advance, so that we can get every little detail right. No doubt your friends will be impressed once you’ve got all of the details in place, all of the way down to your fragrance. Perfume is the perfect accessory to set the mood and atmosphere of whoever or whatever you are dressing up as this Halloween!

Perfume for the Wicked Witch


Hypnotic Poison by Dior for women is an intoxicating potion, bringing forth dark, sweet and mysterious vibes. It is brewed with rich plums, creamy florals, spices, almond, and vanilla. This is rich and heady, only to be worn during the witching hours of the night.

Perfume for the Sweet Princess


Princess by Vera Wang for women is magical and enchanting with its sweet and playful composition. This is feminine and innocent with notes of yummy vanilla and dark chocolate, mixed with fruits and florals. This elixir is sure to make you feel like a royal princess.

Perfume for the Sultry Seductress


Signorina Misteriosa by Salvatore Ferragamo for women (Italian for Mysterious Miss) features a blend of creamy, seductive and gourmand nuances. This starts with rich blackberries, heading into the creamy white floral heart and ending with milk mousse and vanilla. The true scent of a seductress.

Cologne for the Super Hero


Only the Brave by Diesel for men is made for the brave and confident. This is for the determined super hero that is masculine, strong and committed. Featuring notes of lemon, amber, leather and woods.

Cologne for the Dead


M/Mink by Byredo for women and men is a truly unique fragrance with a dark, savage and intense composition. This features notes of smokey incense, aldehydes, patchouli, honey, sea notes and amber.

What fragrance will you be wearing this Halloween?


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Top 5 Polo Fragrances by Ralph Lauren


Featuring our favorite Polo scents by Ralph Lauren! Shop our Polo sale for a limited time and receive a discount on 5mL travel sprays!


Polo Double Black by Ralph Lauren for men is fresh, warm and relaxed with sweet, spicy, oriental notes. The fragrance starts with a zesty blast of mango, followed by a warm heart of coffee beans and nutmeg. The dry down is fresh and discreet with with aromatic, woody notes. A versatile, soft and inoffensive scent perfect for indoors, close encounters and work environments.


Polo Red by Ralph Lauren for men is energizing, smooth and elegant with fruits and wood notes. The beginning starts with citrus, cranberry and grapefruit then settling into a base of woody amber and coffee. This is the scent of a gentleman, classy and sophisticated with a masculine character.


Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren for men is a fresh, airy and green scent that depicts a casual presence. This is a versatile daytime wear, suitable for any age and any occasion. Top notes include aldehydes, mint, lavender and citruses. The heart includes seagrass, ginger and florals, followed with a relaxed, wood base.


Polo Supreme Oud by Ralph Lauren for men is a warm, woody and spicy blend with an oriental composition. This is strong and rich, with a long lasting presence making it perfect for fall and winter weather. Notes incude agarwood, guaiac wood, cinnamon, pepper and vetiver.


Polo Red Intense by Ralph Lauren for men is a richer, stronger version of the original Polo Red for men. This includes similar notes to Polo Red, with added ginger and leather. Polo Red Intense is sexy, seductive and masculine, perfect for date night and cool weather.

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Top 5 Summer Florals


We’ve compiled our favorite floral scents for summer to keep you cool and refreshed, despite scorching hot temperatures. Browse our entire inventory here>>


Acqua di Gioia Jasmine by Giorgio Armani for women is a summer limited edition that portrays the refreshing and rejuvenating scent of jasmine. This is happy, youthful and femme. It starts off with the scent of crisp green apple, violet leaf and lemon. The heart is green and floral with jasmine, then developing into a base of clean musk and cedar for a warm, sun-kisssed touch.




Daisy Blush by Marc Jacobs for women is a simple, summery floral with prominent notes of lily-of-the-valley, mimosa, pear and honeysuckle. This is subtle, light and airy, making it the perfect everyday and any occasion scent for your summer fragrance wardrobe. Daisy Blush is charming and young, building upon the original Daisy fragrance with a twist.




Dolce Rosa Excelsa by Dolce & Gabbana for women is centered around two different types of roses: African Dog rose and Turkish rose. This is inoffensive, gentle and clean with papaya flower and neroli to start the fragrance off, then developing into a heart of dewy roses. The dry down leaves you with a layer of clean musk, to keep you smelling fresh all day long.



Walk on Air Sunshine by Kate Spade for women is a lighter and brighter version of the original Walk on Air fragrance. This embraces floral notes of lily-of-the-valley, magnolia and crinum lily, wrapped in green-natural tones. This is sparkling and energetic, perfect for a pick-me-up on a hot summer’s day.




Extraordinary by Oscar de la Renta for women aims to be classy and playful simultaneously. The beginning is a blend of citruses and cherry blossom, and the heart is fully floral with rose, peony and magnolia. The dry down is soft and sweet, with a layer of vanilla orchid over amber and woods. A soft and clean floral with just a touch of sweetness.


Tell us, what’s your favorite summer floral!?

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Fragrances for Father’s Day 2016



Dolce&Gabbana by Dolce&Gabbana for men is classic, clean and charming. Its composition is aromatic and floral, with a sharp opening of citruses. The heart consists of lavender, sage and bits of spicy pepper for a floral, yet masculine middle. The ending is sweet, woody and warm with tonka bean, tobacco and cedar. This is versatile and likable, great for an every day and every occasion addition to your fragrance wardrobe.


Kenneth Cole Black by Kenneth Cole for men features a spicy, woody and green composition blended into a mature and captivating scent. This opens with orange, ginger, basil and mint for a refreshing and zesty start. The fragrance develops into a sensual and woody heart of cedar, nutmeg and smoky incense and then dries into a light and airy mixture of clean musk and amber.


Presence by Mont Blanc for men is warm and spicy, yet soft and clean. This is oriental and exotic, but still sits close to the skin and is safe to make an appearance in any environment. It starts with ginger and cinnamon, then leading to notes of juicy green apple and sage. The dry down is sweet and cool with sandalwood, tonka bean and woods.


Burberry by Burberry for men is a classic scent from the design house that features a crisp and clean woody-aromatic fragrance. The prominent notes include cedar, fresh mint, warm touches of sandalwood, powdered lavender and touches of citruses from the beginning of the scent. This scent is composed and masculine, making it the perfect gift for dad this Father’s Day.


Try all four in one set, here!


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Top 5 Best Perfumes for the Beach



Agua del Sol by Escada for women is colorful and young with a fruity, tropical composition. This opens with juicy citruses and fruits, along with a delicious mix of cool sorbet and sweet ice cream. It dries into a soft and creamy blend of sandalwood, musk and tonka bean. This is the perfect treat for a hot summer day spent on the sand!


Paradiso by Roberto Cavalli for women is sensual, feminine and carefree with a floral-citrus-woody mixture. This starts with fresh citruses, for a clean and sharp opening. The heart is creamy and relaxing with bouquets of jasmine and the base is woody with laurels, cypress and pine tree. Paradiso was made for a relaxing and tranquil day at the beach.


Michael Kors Turquoise by Michael Kors for women features an aquatic-floral composition with main notes of water lily, sea notes, jasmine, cucumber, musk, and orchid. This is modern, fresh and uplifting making it perfect for a day of lounging on the beach.


Fleur de Portofino by Tom Ford for women and men is inspired by white acacia trees in the Mediterranean. This is a dreamy, sensual scent that will have you feeling like you’re in paradise. Tom Ford emphasizes notes of black locust, honey, white florals, citruses and vanilla for an intoxicating, summer blend.


Bvlgari Omnia Paraiba by Bvlgari for women focuses on the jungles, ocean and beaches of Brazil. This is exotic, sensual, tropical and sweet. The perfect scent for lounging and enjoying a blissful day at the beach. This opens with passionfruit and has a heart of passion flower and gardenia. The base is unique with cocoa and vetiver, for added depth.

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