Scent of the Day: Birch & Black Pepper by Jo Malone Fragrance Review

Jo Malone Birch & Black Pepper Fragrance Review

Birch & Black Pepper is a fragrance that must be tried before buying. A fragrance that is unique, powerful, and has it’s own distinct character. A fragrance that may work for women who like something a bit dirty and different, but not for the feminine floral lover. A fragrance that may be used to add a layer of darkness and depth for fragrances that are a little “too pretty.” This can be masculine or it can be feminine…it truly depends on your own taste preference. This is for those that enjoy a scent that stands out from others and want to try something new and fun. A zesty, spiced fragrance with the peculiar notes of ink, birch, and balsam. A mix that may not work for everyone, but compliments others so well.

Top notes are mandarin orange, cardamom and black pepper which gives off a slightly bitter and spiced opening. The birch lies in the heart and is veiled with a thin layer of smoke. It is dark and cloudy, yet fun and full of zest. The base becomes calm with barely-sweet vanilla wrapped around the balsam and ink. The ink note is prominent and able to be identified almost immediately upon spraying, making for a slightly synthetic accord coming in and out of the scent. Birch & Black Pepper will last for 4-5 hours on the skin and although it has dark and spicy accords, the sillage never becomes overbearing if sprayed in the right amount. An odd scent that is playful and unique when compared to others in the Jo Malone line. A must try for those that love trying new and different fragrances and also for those who love to layer Jo Malone scents.

Samples start at $5.99

Birch & Black Pepper- Jo Malone


What’s your favorite Jo Malone scent? Do you ever layer your ‘fumes?


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